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Looking for help with digital or computer evidence?

Computer Forensics Lab specialises in all aspects of cyber forensics and digital forensics. Our computer forensic specialists are able to examine and recover all digital fingerprints from any computer, hard drive or media storage device ensuring that you have all the evidence you need in order to support your investigation. LEARN MORE..

Computer Forensic Lab experts work with some of the UK top law firms to uncover and investigate crucial electronic evidence so that they can create a solid, structured and methodical legal case. We are trusted by some of the UK's biggest government and corporate bodies to investigate, secure and analyse data for legal or ordinary cases presented in court and for internal enquiries or regulatory compliance. LEARN MORE..

High standards of professionalism in computer forensics

Our computer forensics team are able to offer professional, methodical and fully compliant computer forensic services. Our data forensic services follow the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) guidelines and can be presented in any tribunal, investigative body or court of law in the UK. Our data forensic investigators are fully trained to carry out any data forensic investigation assigned to them professionally and methodically. LEARN MORE..

Forensic data recovery: recovery of data you thought was lost forever. Advanced data recovery by experts

It is extremely painful to lose crucial data stored on a computer hard drive or digital media. You thought this would not happen to you. Loss of data costs businesses and individuals hundreds of millions of pounds every year in UK. In some cases, data loss may even result in the collapse of a successful business. Even when people seek help through data recovery companies, they are often disappointed as they are unable to recover the crucial data the customer badly needs.

Do not despair as we can help you bring back your data from the dead. We have the technology and the expertise to carry out advanced data recovery on your hard drive, server, laptop, external hard disk or digital media. LEARN MORE..

What is computer forensics?

Computer forensics otherwise known as digital forensics or cyber forensics, involves acquiring, examining, analyzing and presentation of digital evidence stored in computers, external hard drives, memory sticks and network storage devices in the form of documents, images, emails, user profiles and log files. Computer Forensic Lab investigators can help law enforcement agencies, criminal prosecutors, military intelligence officers, insurance companies, surveillance officers, compliance officials, information security departments, lawyers, solicitors, auditors, courts, tribunals and private investigators in their search for valuable digital evidence hidden in various data storage devices. Computer Forensics Lab specialises in e-discovery and electronic disclosure involving discovery and disclosure of data by securing and searching all data sources and locating and organizing all data formats with the intent of using them as evidence in a civil or criminal legal case. In the process of electronic discovery and computer forensics, computer data of all types can serve as evidence which can include text, images, calendar files, emails, databases, spreadsheets, audio files, animation, visited web sites, chat logs and computer programs. LEARN MORE..

Computer investigations commissioned by any body such as private investigators, law enforcement, corporate, intelligence, prosecution or defence, involves experts in computer forensics gathering crucial digital evidence. The computer forensics investigator must have completed accredited computer forensic training courses and become a certified computer forensic examiner. Forensic investigations can also be private investigations such as those related to matrimonial and divorce cases and/or divorce disputes or settlements.

For any digital investigation or computer forensic service consultation, more information or enquiries please do not hesitate to speak to a professional by calling 0800 840 2131 (Free from a landline) or 0333 5 777 120 (Local rate from a mobile or landline). You can also use our fax 0208 368 2156 or submit your query. In all communications with our clients, full discretion and confidentiality is guaranteed. See our Service Terms and Non-Disclosure Agreement for more information.

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